Newsweek: Marjorie Taylor Greene Roasted for 'Loyalty to Trump' Tweet After Texas Election

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was widely derided Sunday for telling a fellow GOP lawmaker he was "clueless about what Republican voters think and feel, which is #AmericaFirst and loyalty to Trump."

Greene mocked Illinois GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger and supporters of Texas 6th District congressional candidate Michael Wood after another Republican candidate backed by former President Donald Trump, Susan Wright, defeated him and several others in a special election Saturday. Greene gloated that the anti-Trump Wood, despite backing from Kinzinger and his Country First PAC, placed ninth in the contest. Wright placed first and now faces a runoff election. But it was Greene's "loyalty to Trump" comment that set off critics, who shared a range of anti-dictator memes and "cult" accusations.

Greene's tweet Sunday, in response to an earlier Country First tweet in support of Wood, read: "Your guy got 9th @AdamKinzinger & Trump endorsed Susan Wright took 1st in #TX06. You aren't fighting for the soul of the GOP, you sold your soul & sold out the GOP bc you are clueless about what Republican voters think and feel, which is #AmericaFirst and loyalty to Trump."

Her tweet prompted accusations of authoritarian support and challenges to her mental stability. Numerous accounts that identified themselves as "conservative" also blasted Greene's remarks, replying that no single person should be given loyalty in any political party. Many users highlighted her reported belief in a Jewish-controlled "space laser" earlier this year.

"Loyalty to trump...THAT'S the problem. It should be to party not person and your inability to see the fascist direction of @GOP is where America First will become America Last," another critic replied Sunday.

Trump's Save America PAC on Sunday afternoon released a statement that congratulated Wright on her "great surge" to victory and wished her good luck in the runoff race against fellow Republican Jake Ellzey. A date has not yet been determined for that special election.

Kinzinger replied directly to Greene's mocking tweet, sharing a GIF of a "loony" man circling his hands around his head, the unofficial symbol for calling someone crazy.

The Country First tweet that Greene replied to read, "As one #TX06voter said, 'it takes one person to make a difference.'@AdamKinzinger is fighting for the soul of the GOP for the good of this country & supporting @michaelwoodtx who shares that same mission."

The account shared an Associated Press story about Kinzinger's bid to help Wood's long-shot campaign, describing his effort to find anti-Trump Texan Republicans, saying, "Kinzinger came to Texas this week to hunt unicorns."

Newsweek reached out to the offices of Kinzinger and Greene for any additional remarks Sunday afternoon.

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