WIFR: Rep. Kinzinger releases new video in continued Country First movement

Rep. Adam Kinzinger continues his Country First effort, releasing a video titled “The Land of Opportunity,” focusing on the struggles of inherent inequality, and how he believes the country can help solve the issue.

Kinzinger calls for ensuring internet access for all, focusing on jobs for both present and future success, as well as pleading with fellow politicians to stop focusing on political victories, and start focusing on victories for the country through change and legislation.

“America has never been about guaranteed success; but it’s always been about having a fighting chance to achieve it. So, let’s discover and debate the best solutions and commit to overcoming these challenges we face – together. Let’s be the country that believes opportunity is both limitless and renewable. And if that sounds like the America you want to live in, join the Country First movement. All are welcome beneath our banner.”

The original article and video coverage can be found on the WIFR website here.