WCMY: Cong. Kinzinger considering presidential run against Donald Trump

If Cong. Adam Kinzinger runs for President, he wants to do it as a Republican. But he’s not against running as an independent if that’s the best way to defeat Donald Trump. He talked about it with the Associated Press.

Kinzinger started the Country 1st group to try to change the Republican Party from gravitating toward Trump. He tells AP, he’s supporting anti-Trump candidates in the mid-term elections. But he says within a year, he would have to decide about a Presidential run. He says the question is whether there’ll be someone to shout the importance of defending the country, democracy, and what America is all about.

Kinzinger says he wishes he could go back in time and change his vote on the first impeachment of Pres. Trump. Kinzinger says he regrets few of his votes as a Congressman, but saying no to the first Trump impeachment is his biggest regret. The Channahon Republican says Pres. Trump withheld aid to Ukraine as leverage for his campaign. Kinzinger says it was a shameful and illegal act that’s hurting Ukraine’s defense today.

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