Next Generation Ambassadors


Engaging student leaders in the fight against toxic tribalism is critical to preserving democracy. The Next Generation Engagement Program provides college students with the opportunity to spread the movement on their campus and elevate their leadership nationally. All students are welcome under the Country First banner, so let's do this together.


Over the past year, Country First has dedicated our time, talent, and treasure to take on the most toxic partisans – elected leaders who tried to overturn our election, overthrow our republic, and who still today defend and minimize the deadly attack on our Capitol. It is now time to expand our movement onto college campuses. The Country First Next Generation Engagement Program is designed to:

Empower the Next Generation to join the fight to defend democracy

Enhance the culture and civic discourse on university campuses

Elevate student leaders nationally by providing real grassroots experience


There are countless opportunities for students within the Next Generation Engagement Program. Students can get involved through grassroots organizing, recruiting, graphic design, engaging on social media, collaborating with partner organizations, and more.

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