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WCMY: Cong. Kinzinger considering presidential run against Donald Trump

If Cong. Adam Kinzinger runs for President, he wants to do it as a Republican. But he’s not against running as an independent if that’s the best way to defeat Donald Trump. He talked about it with the Associated Press.

Newswire: Utah's 4th District Congressional Challenger Jake Hunsaker Receives Country First Endorsement as the Candidate to Mend Divisions

Jake Hunsaker, candidate for U.S. Congress in the 4th District, received the endorsement from Country First, a non-partisan organization focused on eliminating political tribalism that fractures communities and gridlocks the government.

Roll Call: Kinzinger to keep fight against Trumpism going after House, but hedges on 2024

Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger told a conference of conservatives turned off by former President Donald Trump on Sunday he would fight “to take back our political system” after he leaves the House at the end of this term. He hedged later when asked if that meant he was considering a run for president.

Washington Examiner: Conservative Rep. Kinzinger, abandoned by GOP, still has much to offer

Republicans should start listening more closely to GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. If they get beyond their fury about his admirable insistence on investigating the Capitol riot, they might gain some real wisdom from him.

Deseret News: Post-Trump Republicans are looking for a new ally in 2022: Democrats

In the fight over the future of the Republican Party, some post-Trump Republicans are hoping voters outside the GOP will at least temporarily join their cause.

Market Watch/AP: Adam Kinzinger advocates ‘uneasy alliance’ to thwart Trump and his allies in upcoming Republican primaries

In the high-stakes fight for the GOP’s future, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, is calling on Democrats and independents to form an “uneasy alliance” with Republicans to fight former President Donald Trump’s influence.

NBC News: GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger pushes 'uneasy alliance' to thwart Trump's allies

In the high-stakes fight for the GOP’s future, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., is calling on Democrats and independents to form an “uneasy alliance” with Republicans to fight former President Donald Trump’s influence.

Washington Examiner: Adam Kinzinger announces birth of son

Rep. Adam Kinzinger and his wife welcomed a baby boy Wednesday afternoon, the Illinois Republican announced on social media.

NBC News: Meet the Press - January 9, 2022

CHUCK TODD: Welcome back. A year ago, after the sacking of the U.S. Capitol, we asked this: Is this the end of something or the beginning? An aberration or a harbinger or where Trumpism was heading? We now know. The Grand Old Party is now Donald Trump's party. He lost the election, but insists it was stolen, still, has never conceded. And elected Republicans, most of them at least, pretend to believe, believe him because the voters already do, at least on that side of the aisle. On Thursday's January 6th anniversary, Republicans divided into three groups; the conspiracy spreaders; members who condemned the riot of the day, but not the man who inspired it; and the few who called it what it was, a violent attack on our democracy. Well, joining me now is Congressman Adam Kinzinger, of Illinois. He's one of the few Republicans who has publicly criticized former President Trump. He is also one of two Republicans on the House committee investigating January 6th. Congressman Kinzinger, welcome back to Meet The Press. Let me just start with this.

USA Today: Jan. 6 committee Republican member: We are in the fight of our lives

America is more divided today than we were on Jan. 6, 2021. We have allowed toxic tribalism to cloud our sense of reality, to question what’s true and to ignore the facts laid in front of us. We have to turn things around now or the great experiment of our democracy and the institutions we hold dear will crumble before our eyes.