Idaho State Journal: Country First — let's talk

Readers of this column know that I am no fan of either major political party in this country. In nearly every national election for quite some time, extreme polarization in our political process has produced, with grim efficiency, atrocious candidates who substantially represent no one except those on the fringes of the political spectrum.

Since retiring, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around the country, talking with people from all backgrounds and ways of life. This journey has actually encouraged me that our best days are ahead. But getting from here to there isn’t automatic. Those of us who value comity, diversity of thought and fairness are going to have to step up, show our strength, and begin pushing back on the partisans. To that end I’ve joined the Country First movement. Country First is not, first and foremost, a political organization. It’s a social movement designed to bring together, in conversation, fair-minded people who value their country more than any political affiliation. Country First is starting up chapters all over the country — including here in Idaho.


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